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ML. Marian Library

 Record Group
Identifier: ML

Found in 239 Collections and/or Records:

1948 Marian Day booklets

Identifier: ML-unprocessed-088

Abbaye Sainte-Croix de Poitiers à Saint-Benoît albums

Identifier: ML-057
Scope and Contents This collection includes 67 albums assembled by the nuns at... Seventeen albums contain materials documenting Marian shrines in France. One album documents Marian shrines in other European countries.

Formats included in the scrapbooks are holy cards, postcards, clippings, photographs, maps, pamphlets, and other visual ephemera.

Adeline Greico Marian albums

Identifier: ML-unprocessed-017

Adrian Lewis leaf etchings

Identifier: ML-unprocessed-062

African Marian seminar collection

Identifier: ML-unprocessed-050

Alphonse Balastrier manuscript

Identifier: ML-unprocessed-102

Andre Prevost manuscripts

Identifier: ML-unprocessed-116

Annunciation album

Identifier: ML-unprocessed-048

Anonymous Marian poetry volume

Identifier: ML-unprocessed-103

Art prints and ephemera

Identifier: ML-unprocessed-054

Art slides

Identifier: ML-unprocessed-Q

Audiovisual collection

Identifier: ML-unprocessed-T

Auguste Martin collection

Identifier: ML-028
Abstract This collection contains thirty-six linear feet of Martin's personal Catholic image and art research collections. Primary subjects represented in the collection include Catholic art history, the Blessed Virgin Mary, events in the life of Jesus, and Catholic saints. Materials include holy cards, clippings, pamphlets, photographs, handwritten notes, and ephemera. The collection primarily documents Martin's research interest in Catholic art history (generally classical art depicting Mary, Madonna...


Identifier: ML-unprocessed-015
Found in: Roesch Library / Banners

Banners and ribbons

Identifier: ML-unprocessed-P-08

Behold the Handmaid comic illustrations

Identifier: ML-009
Abstract This collection contains the original black and white, large scale (14.5" x 22.5") illustrations for the comic book, Behold the Handmaid: The Story of Our Blessed Mother, published by Pflaum Publishing in 1954.

Betty Kelly biography of B. Petit

Identifier: ML-unprocessed-108

Bible quotations print ephemera

Identifier: ML-unprocessed-040

Bishop Charue manuscripts

Identifier: ML-unprocessed-095

Bradshaw Society microfiche

Identifier: ML-unprocessed-041

Bro. Samaha papers

Identifier: ML-unprocessed-067

Bro. William Fackovec, S.M. papers

Identifier: ML-unprocessed-023

Brother Donald Boccardi papers

Identifier: ML-054
Overview This collection contains manuscripts and a draft of a proposed publication containing essays from multiple authors.

Byzantine Mariana bibliography

Identifier: ML-unprocessed-030

Car ornaments

Identifier: ML-unprocessed-P-07

Carolus Balic materials

Identifier: ML-unprocessed-078

Chaplet collection

Identifier: ML-R-C
Overview The chaplet collection contains nearly 100 chaplets and instructions on how to pray the particular chaplet. Materials in the collection date from circa 1800 through the present day, with the bulk from circa 1960 to the present day.

Charles B. Broschart papers

Identifier: ML-004
Abstract This collection contains the original typed manuscript for the book Call Her Blessed, published in 1961. The collection also contains Mr. Broschart's research and unpublished manuscripts on nearly 1,000 additional titles of the Blessed Virgin Mary from around the world. Some stories are accompanied by an image of the shrine, sanctuary, or monument to which the title relates. The collection also includes supplementary research materials as well as visual...

Christine Mathieu Marian holy card collection

Identifier: ML-014
Abstract The Christine Mathieu Marian holy card collection contains approximately 1,700 Catholic holy cards, primarily depicting the Blessed Virgin Mary. The collection includes French Marian holy cards from circa 1853 through 2001. Holy cards in the collection document Marian devotional themes, iconography, titles, pilgrimage sites, and prayers.

Christmas card engravings

Identifier: ML-2016-003
Found in: Roesch Library

Christmas cards

Identifier: ML-unprocessed-003

Clugnet ephemera

Identifier: ML-unprocessed-D-01

Clugnet fragments

Identifier: ML-unprocessed-029

Colored engravings

Identifier: ML-unprocessed-037

Contemporary Marian albums

Identifier: ML-unprocessed-007

Denis Mary McAuliffe manuscript

Identifier: ML-unprocessed-111

Dominic Dolan manuscript

Identifier: ML-unprocessed-104

Eamon Carroll collection

Identifier: ML-052
Overview This collection contains correspondence, course materials, manuscripts, and articles by Eamon R. Carroll, O.Carm. Topics include Mariology, Marian devotion, and ecumenism.

Eastern Church art and ephemera collection

Identifier: ML-025
Abstract This collection contains greeting cards, postcards, commemorative cards, clippings, pamphlets, and other printed ephemera depicting the Blessed Virgin Mary, Maddonna and Child, the life of Jesus and Mary, and other religious themes in the style of Byzantine and Eastern Orthodox art.

Eastern Church/Byzantine art prints

Identifier: ML-unprocessed-053

Ecumenical Society of the Blessed Virgin Mary, United States Branch records

Identifier: ML-001
Abstract The Ecumenical Society of the Blessed Virgin Mary records contain meeting minutes, newsletters, papers, pamphlets, and a variety of documents and multimedia materials documenting the history and activities of the ESBVM/USA, a group that exists to promote ecumenical devotion and advance the study of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Emil Neubert materials

Identifier: ML-unprocessed-071

Enrique Prugent manuscript

Identifier: ML-unprocessed-113


Identifier: ML-unprocessed-011
Found in: Roesch Library / Epinals

Eugene Bilski papers

Identifier: ML-unprocessed-076

Ex votos

Identifier: ML-unprocessed-P-02
Found in: Roesch Library / Ex votos

Exposition Mariana album

Identifier: ML-unprocessed-034


Identifier: ML-unprocessed-E-07

Father Alfred Boeddeker collection

Identifier: ML-003
Abstract The Father Alfred Boeddeker collection contains stories on Marian apparitions and devotions, brochures, prayers, sheet music, newspaper clippings, ephemera, and materials for a course in Mariology. Father Boeddeker was a Franciscan priest based in California. He was the founder of the St. Anthony Dining Room in San Francisco, and is known for his humanitarian work as well as his participation in a number of Marian organizations.

Father Bertrand Clemens Mariology lectures

Identifier: ML-040
Abstract This collection contains a series of lectures on Mariology given by Fr. Bertrand E. Clemens, S.M., in 1982. The lectures, on 13 audio cassettes, cover topics including Mary's Virginity, Cana, Calvary, Discipleship, Mary's Humanness, and the Magnificat, among others.

Father James J. Mertz correspondence

Identifier: ML-unprocessed-064

Father John T. Arsenault rosary collection

Identifier: ML-R-A
Overview This collection is of rosaries that were donated to Father John T. Arsenault, priest for the Diocese of Portland, Maine.

Father John T. Myler "Behold Your Mother" research collection

Identifier: ML-038
Abstract This collection contains original and reproduced correspondence, drafts, minutes, and other papers related to the composition of the 1973 pastoral letter Behold Your Mother: Woman of Faith published by the National Conference of Catholic Bishops. These papers were collected by Father John T. Myler during his dissertation research. The collection also includes an oral history with Father Eamon Carroll, O.Carm., conducted by Father Myler.

Father José María Salaverri collection

Identifier: ML-2018-001
Found in: Roesch Library

Father Mersberger and the Shrine of Our Lady of the Green Scapular collection

Identifier: ML-017
Abstract This collection documents the history and activities of the Shrine of Our Lady of the Green Scapular and the Green Scapular travel club based in Palmyra, Wisconsin. The collection also contains the early personal papers of Father Jerome Mersberger, pastor at the shrine and organizer of the travel club.

Father René Laurentin collection

Identifier: ML-044
Overview This collection contains the course materials, lectures, manuscripts, and published articles of French theologian, Father René Laurentin. Documents in the collection date from 1948 through 2003 and cover Catholic theology and Mariology. Course materials in the collection were developed primarily for the Marian summer institutes and International Marian Research Institute at the University of Dayton from circa 1966 through 2003. Course materials in English were translated from the French by...

Father Robert E. Hughes collection on apparitions and mystics

Identifier: ML-042
Abstract This collection contains materials collected by Fr. Robert E. Hughes, S.M., regarding his research on Marian apparitions and mystics. The collection includes newsletters, correspondence, articles, and ephemera relating to reported Marian apparitions, mystics, or visionaries. The collection primarily covers apparitions in the United States and includes some materials that are international in scope. One series in the collection is related to Medjugorje and includes materials from the Medjugorje...

Felix Fernandez manuscripts

Identifier: ML-unprocessed-086

Fichero Mariano

Identifier: ML-unprocessed-042

Fr. Bert Buby collection on Ephesus

Identifier: ML-unprocessed-027

Franciscan Marian Activity booklets

Identifier: ML-045
Overview This collection contains five Marian activity program booklets created by the Franciscans (Order of Friars Minor). The programs were organized by scholastic units of the Province of the Immaculate Conception (New York, N.Y.) from 1959-1964. The booklets outline day or evening programs during each liturgical year and include brief talks or papers given during the programs. Programs were primarily held at Franciscan seminaries in the Northeast region of the United States, but also included some...

Franciscan National Marian Commission records

Identifier: ML-002
Abstract This collection contains by-laws, meeting minutes, reports, papers, and ephemera which document the history and activities of the Franciscan National Marian Commission, an organized movement within the Order of Friars Minor. The organization’s purpose was to promote Marian congresses, institutes, studies, and centers, and to sponsor the publication of The Marian Era from 1960-1976.

French Catholic photograph album

Identifier: ML-050
Overview This album contains photographs taken in France, circa 1880. It is most likely a travel album created by an (unknown) individual or family. The album documents Catholic sites and other points of interest in France including photographs of churches, buildings, parks, individuals, and monuments. Locations documented in this album include Lourdes, Betharam, Bagnères de Bigorre, Vallée d'Argelès, Gavarnie, Bayonne, Biarritz, Pontarabie, Arcachon, Bordeaux, Tours, Amboise, Blois, Chambort, Orléans,...

G. Maes manuscript

Identifier: ML-unprocessed-049

Gabriel Roschini manuscript

Identifier: ML-unprocessed-117

Handcrafted items

Identifier: ML-unprocessed-P-05

Helen Nykolyshyn collection

Identifier: ML-unprocessed-019

Henri Koehler correspondence

Identifier: ML-019
Abstract The Henri Koehler correspondence contains letters, photographs, articles, and brochures that Mr. Koehler received in response to his written requests to churches in France with Marian titles. The correspondence was initiated through the suggestion of Fr. Theodore Koehler, Henri's brother, and director of the Marian Library at the University of Dayton.

Herbert George Kramer papers

Identifier: ML-unprocessed-084

Holy Childhood Association Christmas card collection

Identifier: ML-026
Abstract This collection contains Christmas cards that were drawn, painted, or otherwise created by children as part of the 2005/2006 and 2006/2007 Holy Childhood Association annual Christmas artwork contest. The cards primarily depict nativity scenes, Madonna and Child, and other Christmas themes. Original artwork was displayed in the Marian Library gallery in 2007.

Hugo Bonatti manuscript

Identifier: ML-unprocessed-098

International and cultural Christmas cards

Identifier: ML-027
Abstract This collection contains Christmas cards created by international artists and/or representing cultural and ethnic groups. The cards primarily depict the nativity, Madonna and Child, and other Catholic themes.

Italian Marist school scrapbooks

Identifier: ML-007
Abstract The Italian Marist school scrapbooks contain the collages, illustrations, and writings of primary school students and were created in 1952 and 1953 as part of the curriculum to study of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

J. Aneuse manuscript

Identifier: ML-unprocessed-036

J. Barrett manuscript

Identifier: ML-unprocessed-101

J. Carol personal library cards

Identifier: ML-unprocessed-031

Jean-Marie Salgado research materials

Identifier: ML-039
Abstract This collection contains research materials collected by Rev. Jean-Marie Salgado, O.M.I., which he used to write the article, La devotion Mariale au XVIe siecle : a la lumiere des manuels de catechese en usage en Amerique Latine, en France, en Espagne et en Italie, published in Marian Library Studies, volume 13 (1981). The materials are primarily photocopied reproductions of 16th century books published in Latin America and Spain, from approximately 1532-1598....

Johann Roten papers

Identifier: ML-unprocessed-114

John F. Bolger Jr. manuscript

Identifier: ML-unprocessed-099

John J. Carberry manuscripts

Identifier: ML-unprocessed-094

John Stokes and Mary's Gardens collection

Identifier: ML-034
Abstract This collection contains the personal papers of John S. Stokes, Jr., and the records of his organization, Mary's Gardens. Materials in the collection date primarily from 1952 through 1990. The collection includes Stokes' manuscripts, correspondence, research materials, articles, photographs, audio recordings and ephemera related to his interests in Catholicism, the Blessed Virgin Mary, gardening, names and symbolism of plants and flowers associated with the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mary's...

Josef Levit collection on Marian art

Identifier: ML-033
Abstract This collection includes postcards, photographs, holy cards, and clippings depicting Marian shrines, paintings, statues, and other Catholic artwork. The collection primarily covers Marian art in western Europe during the second half of the 20th century.

Judy and Bob Davis nativity collection

Identifier: ML-2018-002
Found in: Roesch Library

Kevin Landry manuscript

Identifier: ML-unprocessed-107

Large posters

Identifier: ML-unprocessed-D-09

Larson collection

Identifier: ML-unprocessed-001

Léon Clugnet Marian image collection

Identifier: ML-048
Abstract The Léon Clugnet Marian image collection documents Catholic and Marian devotion in France during the late 19th century. Mr. Clugnet's personal collection contains Catholic devotional images associated with French Marian shrines and titles of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The images include graphical representations of Mary, Madonna and Child, Marian statues, Catholic churches, and other Catholic holy sites. Materials in this collection are primarily related to France, however, several images...

"Love Letters for Mary" manuscripts

Identifier: ML-unprocessed-092

Lucio Pinkus papers

Identifier: ML-unprocessed-091

Luigi Gambero manuscripts

Identifier: ML-unprocessed-083

Madonna: Mary in the Catholic Tradition course materials

Identifier: ML-018
Abstract This collection contains course materials for Madonna: Mary in the Catholic Tradition, a course taught by Fr. Frederick M. Jelly, O.P., through the Catholic Distance University.

Marian apparitions collection

Identifier: ML-035
Abstract This collection contains correspondence, personal accounts, articles, newsletters, photographs, audio recordings, artifacts, and ephemera documenting reported Marian apparitions in the United States and around the world. The collection primarily includes material related to apparitions in the 20th century from circa 1980 to circa 2000. The collection contains some material dealing with the major, approved Marian apparitions (for example, Fátima and Lourdes), but its focus is documentation of...