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Dayton Christian Jewish Dialogue

Identifier: UASC-2015-003-b

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  • 1991 - 2008


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Dozeman UTS Minutes May 2003 Dr. Friedland Minutes Nov 2003 On-Line April 2003 Newsletter from Donna Bealer.doc Youngkin Protestant Worship Handout April 13 2003.doc Youngkin Protestant Worship Summary April 13 2003.doc All In the Family Final Interconnected Pathways.doc All in the Family Final transparencies Nov 9 03.doc All in the Family Final transparencies Nov 9 All in the Family transparencies Nov 9 Dayton Dialogue Presentation.doc John XXIII Forgive Us.jpg Seven Degrees of Relatedness.jpg Thumbs.db Turning points Turning Points.jpg Feb 2004 DCJD Online Newsletter from Donna Bealer Friedland Book Review yossi klein halevi May 9 2004.doc Methodist US Family Tree Sarah Blair July 11 2004 Large Web view.jpg Methodist US Family Tree Sarah Blair July 11 2004.jpg Minutes Dec 2003 & Jan 2004 Minutes Dec 2004.doc Thumbs.db Evangelicals in Africa The New Republic Aug 9 2004 18.jpg Ishaq 1.jpg Ishaq 2.jpg Islam in America Time Sep 13 2004 66.jpg Table 1.jpg Table 2.jpg Thumbs.db Email March 15 2004.doc J Chr. Cover sheet.rtf Jewish Christian Dialogue Racism.rtf Handout 1.jpg Handout 2.jpg Handout 3.jpg Handout 4.jpg Thumbs.db What is sin.jpg Minutes Jan 2005.doc Minutes June 5 2005 Azmeh answers to questions.doc Minutes June 5 2005 Drs Azmeh by Lou Vera.doc Minutes June 5 2005 Drs Azmeh by Lou Vera; old less deiplomatic version.doc Minutes Sep 05 Bro. Ray Fitz Minutes Sep 05 Bro. Ray Fitz.htm ChrisJewishDialogue Qs 11 27 05.doc Issues of Religion in the Public Sphere.doc Revised Process.doc Thank Victor Forlani Dec 13 2005.doc Bert Buby Email Translated Notes Nov 13 2005.doc Bert Buby Email Translated Notes Nov 19 2005.doc Handout1.jpg Handout2.jpg Handout3.jpg Notes Nov 13 2005.doc Thumbs.db Friedland Presentation Notes Rashbag Oct 05.doc 1A.jpg 1B.jpg 1C.jpg 1D.jpg 2A.jpg 2B.jpg 2C.jpg 2D.jpg 3A.jpg 3B.jpg 3B1.jpg 3B2.jpg 3C.jpg 3C1.jpg 3C2.jpg Thumbs.db buttons.gif filelist.xml frame.htm fullscreen.htm master01.htm master02.htm master04.htm master04.xml master04_image004.gif master04_image005.gif master04_stylesheet.css master05.htm master05.xml master05_image001.gif master05_image002.gif master05_image003.gif master06.htm master06.xml master06_stylesheet.css master07.htm master07.xml master08.htm master08.xml master08_stylesheet.css master09.htm master09.xml notes_flag.gif outline.htm pres.xml preview.wmf script.js slide0001.htm slide0002.htm slide0003.htm slide0004.htm slide0006.htm slide0007.htm slide0008.htm slide0009.htm slide0010.htm slide0012.htm slide0013.htm slide0014.htm slide0015.htm slide0015_image006.jpg slide0015_image007.jpg slide0016.htm slide0017.htm slide0017_image008.jpg slide0017_image009.jpg slide0018.htm slide0020.htm slide0021.htm slide0022.htm slide0023.htm slide0024.htm slide0025.htm slide0027.htm slide0028.htm slide0029.htm slide0030.htm slide0031.htm slide0032.htm slide0033.htm slide0034.htm slide0035.htm slide0036.htm slide0037.htm Thumbs.db Handout 1.jpg Handout 2.jpg Thumbs.db Psalm 110.jpg Psalm 2.jpg Reference.jpg Thumbs.db Geiger John June 11 2006 presentation handout.doc Friedland Azmeh Torah Koran discussion notes Joseph June 10 2007.doc Gittleman Neal March 11 2007 Handout 1.jpg Gittleman Neal March 11 2007 Handout 2.jpg Gittleman Neal March 11 2007 Handout 3.jpg Gittleman Neal March 11 2007 Handout 4.jpg Gittleman Neal March 11 2007 Handout 5.jpg Thumbs.db Bunta presentation Oct 12 2008 from Lou Vera.doc